Colourpop Makeup Your Mind Palette Full Review and Swatches

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Hey my loves!
How has your week been? I had a poll on my instagram stories a few days ago and asked you guys to choose which colourpop product you want to see me review first from my haul and the palette got the most votes! So today I will be reviewing the Colourpop Makeup Your Mind palette! Scroll down to learn everything you will possibly need to know about this palette!

Colourpop makeup your mind palette review and swatches
What Colourpop claims..
Look familiar? This is the palette that YOU voted on! Boss Lady is notorious for always changing her mind on shades, concepts, launch dates, you name it!! And she turned to YOU to create a palette that you wanted. Rich jewel tones and unique metallic shades, they’re the shades that you love! Thanks for helping Boss Lady "make up her mind"!

Price, Packaging and Quantity..

This palette costs $12 and you get 6 shimmer shadows. Each pan contains a good 1 gram of product. And this also means you're only paying $2 per shadow!! The eyeshadow palette itself is made out of cardboard, does not contain a mirror and is quite small. It is the size of my palm! But the small size does make it quite easy to travel with. The biggest issue I have with this palette is that the shade names printed at the back, is in a completely wrong order. 
colourpop makeup
When I checked for the shade names on Colourpop's website, I found that the shade Toasted is actually the yellow, and not the silver. And Lock & Key is the brown and not the green. The whole shade chart is incorrectly named and that's quite frustrating for someone like me, who is trying to list out the shades I have used in my tutorials and looks! But that being said, I am willing to overlook it, simply because of the super affordable price tag.
colourpop makeup review
My thoughts..
So! As you guys know, I didn't really give in to the hype about Colourpop Cosmetics when they first launched. Instead, I placed my first order in October last year! And this palette was one of the items I was most excited about from my haul! And let me tell you, I absolutely love it guys!! The shadows are super smooth, very shimmery and the silver shade has the best formula out of the 6 shadows and glides like butter! It is so reflective as you will see from the swatches below. 
drugstore eyeshadow
The one downside to this palette is that it does not have any matte shades to throw in the crease and therefore, this isn't going to be one of those palettes that you can do an entire eye look with, unless you just want to tap some of that rose gold eyeshadow on the lids and do some liner and mascara. Haha in that case.. well, you're good to go. 
colourpop eyeshadow palette
I find that they apply best when applied with a damp brush or just your fingers. I also haven't found an issue with the shadows fading and they wear until I am ready to take my makeup off and in case you are wondering, I just use my concealer or foundation to prime the eyelids, nothing fancy. But it does start to crease slightly after a good 7-8 hours of wear but that is normal with any shadow if you have greasy eyelids, if you're sweating a lot and it's humid OR if you have quite hooded or deep set eyes.  
colourpop makeup your mind palette swatches
The shades:
Over it - rose gold
Inside out - deep green
4ever young - silver
Toasted - bright yellow
Lock&key - red brown
BRB -  medium pinkish purple
affordable eyeshadow palette

  • Affordable
  • Shadows are super blendable
  • Shadows are pigmented
  • No fallout
  • Colourpop is cruelty free!
  • Shade names chart is incorrect
colourpop cosmetics
Would I recommend this?
Yes I would!! This palette has got me excited about trying more shimmer shadows from Colourpop. I think it's a great little palette whether you are a makeup junkie or if you're just starting out with makeup and want to try adding some fun colours to your look. Plus you can't go wrong with 6 great quality shadows for just $12!! Scroll down to see some photos of looks I created using this palette! You can tap/click any of them to check out the tutorials!
Fun and easy yellow smokey eyes with a pop of blue tutorial
peachy pink soft glam cut crease tutorial

the only holiday makeup tutorial you need
green and red glittery christmas glam tutorial
Thank you so much for reading my loves and I hope you found this review helpful! You can check out my colourpop haul here and my last post here. It was a beginner friendly tutorial on a very sultry cut crease look! 
Have a great day and take care my loves!

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