Sultry Rich Gunmetal and Gold Glitter Cut Crease Tutorial - Beginner friendly

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Hey my loves!
How has your day been? I feel like I blinked and 2018 is already over haha! So before we get started, Happy New Year to every single one of you reading! I hope that 2019 will be the year that all of your dreams finally come true and you keep achieving goal after goal!! Today on the 1st, I am here with a tutorial on this super extra, easy to follow, glittery cut crease look and I hope you will enjoy it! Let's get started!

Sultry rich gunmetal and gold glitter cut crease tutorial
Here's what you'll need:

  1. Concealer/eyeshadow primer
  2. Matte peach eyeshadow
  3. Matte burgundy eyeshadow
  4. Matte black eyeshadow
  5. Shimmery gunmetal/olive green eyeshadow
  6. Shimmery gold eyeshadow
  7. Black liner(liquid/gel)
  8. Mascara
  9. Falsies
Step 1
Blend a matte peach eyeshadow into your crease and a little above it, stopping just below the brow bone.
easy to follow makeup tutorial
Step 2
Next, blend the matte burgundy eyeshadow into your crease and blend it upwards slightly but make sure it is most pigmented at the crease/wherever you want your crease to be.
step by step eyeshadow tutorial
Step 3
Now, using your concealer, eyeshadow primer or even your foundation if it has enough coverage, carve out your crease as shown below. Once you have packed the concealer on, you can now set it with powder to make sure the shadows we apply later will blend out easily.
beginner friendly makeup tutorial
Step 4
Next, pack on the shimmery green/gunmetal eyeshadow all over your mobile eyelids, all the way upto the cut crease line. You can also use a damp brush to help increase the pigmentation of your shimmer shadows. The shadow I used was 'Fool's Gold' from the Sigma Warm Neutrals Volume 2 palette and it's so hard to describe. It's like a greenish grey shade that's super shimmery but it also has specks of gold glitter in it!!
easy cut crease tutorial
Step 5 
Using a smaller detail brush, pack on the shimmery gold eyeshadow into the inner corners of your eyes, blending it onto the lower lashline and also into the shadow we just applied on the eyelids.
beginner friendly makeup
Step 6
Blend the same burgundy shadow we used in step 2 into the outer one third of your eyelids and blend it into the shimmery gunmetal eyeshadow. This is just to add some interest to the black shadow we are about to apply.
gunmetal eyeshadow tutorial
Step 7
Pack a matte black eyeshadow over the entire area you used the burgundy shadow on in step 7 and blend it into the center of your eyelids as show below.
sigma foll's gold eyeshadow sigma warm neutrals volume 2 palette
Step 8
Next, I decided to use a makeup wipe and clean off all of the fallout I got from that black eyeshadow and also clean up the outer edge of the eyeshadow look. You can angle your wipe from your lower lashline towards the tail of your brows to get the perfect angle for your eye shape! I also went back in with some of the matte burgundy eyeshadow on a detail brush and sort of cleaned up and outlined the cut crease area.

Step 9
Now that everything's looking nice and precise, blend the matte burgundy eyeshadow all along your lower lashline. Using a slightly damp brush, apply a small amount of this same eyeshadow to your lower waterline as well.
glittery sultry eye makeup
Step 10
Apply your winged liner and mascara!
gold glitter eyeshadow
Step 11 And finally, pop on a nice fluffy pair of falsies to complete the look and you're done loves!! Scroll down to see the full pictorial and products used list!!
makeup for brown eyes
sultry rich gunmetal and gold glitter cut crease pictorial : The Veiled Artist

Products used:

Thank you so much for reading my loves and I hope you learned something new from this tutorial! You can click here to see ALLL of my other tutorials(trust me, there's a lot)! If you have any requests for looks that you'd like to learn how to create, please don't hesitate to leave me a comment below or even send me a DM or comment on instagram! I'm so active on there, a little more than I would like to be but oh well, we're all addicted to something haha!
Have a great day and take care my loves!
The Veiled Artist

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