Easy Gold Smokey Eyes Tutorial(Holiday Makeup Part 1)

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Hey my loves!
How has your day been so far? I am currently enjoying some glorious monthly cramps as I type this post.. argh! Anyways, today's look is so simple and is perfect for those of you who don't really want to put in too much effort into your makeup but still look like you tried for all the parties this holiday season! I didn't use any false eyelashes for this look because I wanted it to be a very easy, basic look but you can add a pair and make it look super glam within minutes! So let's get started!

Easy Gold Smokey Eyes Tutorial(Holiday Makeup Part1)
Here's what you'll need:
  1. Matte warm brown eyeshadow
  2. Shimmery Gold eyeshadow
  3. Matte burgundy eyeshadow
  4. Eyeliner
  5. Mascara
Before we get started at all, I always suggest you do your eye makeup first so you don't have to worry about any eyeshadow fallout as you can just wipe it away!

Step 1
After priming your eyelids, blend the warm brown eyeshadow into your crease and a little above it.
morphe eyeshadow
Step 2
Pat and apply the gorgeous shimmery gold eyeshadow onto the inner 2/3rds of your mobile eyelids and blend the edges into the matte brown we previously applied in the crease.
gold eyeshadow
Step 3
Picking up some burgundy eyeshadow on a fluffy blending brush, blend it into the outer 1/3rds of your eyelids in a slight v shape following the angle of your lower lashline. Then blend it into the gold we previously applied. And finally blend it into the warm matte brown in the crease. 
pretty gold and burgundy makeup
Always remember to pick up small amounts of product when working with dark/very pigmented shadows and to build up and layer the shadow to achieve your required intensity. This makes the whole blending process so much easier!

Step 4
Blend the same burgundy shadow all along your lower lashline. Keep it closer to the lashes and don't drag the colour too low.
Christmas party makeup
Step 5
Pat some of the same gold shimmer shadow into the inner corners of your eyes and blend out the edges into the shadows on the eyelid and lower lashline.
step by step eyeshadow tutorial
Step 6
Curl your lashes and apply mascara and you're done! This is how I like wearing this look.
gold smokey eyes easy step by step
Step 7
I tried some winged liner but realized after I did, that I prefer how everything looked with just mascara. You can do winged liner and add some fluffy lashes to instantly make this a very glam look! Scroll down for the products used list and pictorial loves!
easy holiday makeup look
Products used:
Easy Gold Smokey Eyes Pictorial(Holiday Makeup Part1): The Veiled Artist
Thank you so much for reading my loves and I hope you try this look out! Even though I explained a lot of things in this post, the whole look only took about 10 minutes! It would've taken me much less if I skipped the liner! Feel free to comment below your thoughts on this look and you can even leave me tutorial requests and suggestions! 
You can check my last post here. It was a tutorial on Classic Bronze Smokey Eyes but with a gorgeous pop of Emerald Green!
Take care,

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