Simple 7 Step Statement Eyeshadow Look with Sparkly Liner Tutorial

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Hey everyone!
How has your day been? I am here today with a very quick and simple statement eye makeup look featuring this gorgeous shimmery wing I created using a loreal infallible eyeshadow!

Simple 7 Step Statement Eyeshadow Look with Sparkly Liner Tutorial
Before we get started loves, I just wanted to add, if you have any suggestions/requests for makeup looks you want me to create or celeb makeup looks you want me to recreate, definitely let me know in a comment here or any of my social medias or even an instagram dm. I am the 'the veiled artist' everywhere hehe. Except snapchat. It's 'vveiledartistt' there. Okay I'm done rambling! Let's start!

Here's what you'll need:
  • Matte red eyeshadow
  • Silver liquid eyeliner/shadow to be used damp
  • Black liner(liquid/gel)
  • Black or deep brown matte eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Falsies
Step 1
After priming your lids, blend the matte red eyeshadow all over your mobile eyelids, into the crease and a little above it.
eyeshadow tutorial
Step 2
Draw on your silver winged liner. I used the loreal infallible eyeshadow in Gilded Envy with a damp brush and I love how sparkly it is! The shadow looks more like a rustic green in person but it looks silver in the pictures somehow haha.
sparkly eyeliner
Step 3
Now, outline your previous wing carefully using your black liner.
statement makeup
Step 4
Blend the same matte red eyeshadow all along your lower lashline. Make sure not to drag it too low onto your face as it can make you look tired or sick.
quick and easy eyeshadow look
Step 5
Next, blend some matte black shadow onto your lower lashline but keep the shadow closer to your lashes. You can use a deep brown or taupe shade for this step if you have very pale skin.
step by step tutorial
Step 6
Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
makeup look for brown eyes
Step 7
Add a pair of falsies and you're done! I recommend using falsies that are not too full so you can see the liner through them but still get the added drama from the lashes. You can even highlight the inner corners of your eyes with some shimmery champagne shadow if you want! Scroll down for the full products used list and pictorial!<3
house of lashes lash in Mon cheri
Products used:
Morphe 35c* palette for matte shadows
Loreal Infallible Shadow in Gilded Envy
Essence cosmetics waterproof ink liner
Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara
House of lashes Mon Cheri lashes

*I have tagged the morphe 35b palette here because the 35c seems to be out of stock on the morphe website. 35c is an all matte palette and 35b is a mix of mattes and shimmers.
Simple 7 Step Statement Eyeshadow Look with Sparkly Liner Pictorial: The Veiled Artist
Thank you so much for reading my loves, I hope you try this out! This look paired with a nude lip looks absolutely gorgeous both in person and pictures. Where would you want to wear this look? Comment below and let me know. You can check my last post here. It was a review on some HIT drugstore concealers and my last tutorial here. Which was an easy to understand tutorial on mermaid inspired, beautiful deep teal and gold eyes!
Have a great day and take care loves!
The Veiled Artist

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