Pink and Purple Shimmery Smokey Eyes Tutorial(beginner friendly)

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Hey guys!
How has your day been? Today's post is going to be a tutorial on this super shimmery pink and purple smokey eyes. I suggest you do your eye makeup before your foundation because we're working with very bright eyeshadows, we may experience some fallout. Also, I decided to fully skip liner for this look and let the lashes do the talking. So let's get started!

Pink and Purple Shimmery Smokey Eyes Tutorial
What you'll need:
  • Black eyeshadow primer/base 
  • Creamy black pencil liner
  • Shimmery pink eyeshadow
  • Shimmery purple eyeshadow
  • Matte dark pink/magenta eyeshadow
  • Shimmery champagne eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Falsies
Step 1
Prime your eyelids with a black eyeshadow primer. You can use a black cream eyeshadow or even a creamy black pencil all over the eyelids and blend it out if you don't own a black eyeshadow primer. I used the la girl pro eyeshadow stick in black. This is to ensure the shadows apply darker and richer.
la girl eyeshadow primer
Step 2
Pat the pink eyeshadow into the inner half of your eyelids.
Step 3
Pat the purple eyeshadow into the outer half of your eyelids and blend it into the pink eyeshadow we previously applied.
pink and purple eyeshadow tutorial
Step 4
Using the matte dark pink eyeshadow, blend the top edges of the pink and purple shimmery eyeshadows you applied previously, by working the matte pink eyeshadow into your crease using side to side motions.
Pink and Purple Smokey Eyes Tutorial
Step 5
Messily apply the creamy black pencil liner onto your lower lashline and smudge it out with a pencil brush or your finger.
shimmery smokey eyes
Step 6
Blend the same matte dark pink/magenta eyeshadow we used in the crease, on your lower lashline. Right above the area where we blended the black pencil.
smokey eyes tutorial
Step 7
Clean up any eyeshadow fallout under the eyes with a makeup wipe and apply your foundation or under eye concealer starting a little away from the lower lashline all the way to the tail of your brows. Blend this out. This step helps give the eyeshadow and eyes a clean and lifted look.
The Veiled Artist
Step 8
Pop on the shimmery champagne shade into the inner corners of your eyes and carefully blend it into the eyeshadows on the eyelid and lower lashline.
easy beginner friendly eyeshadow tutorial
Step 9
To prep your lashes for the falsies, curl your lashes and apply mascara. This will help blend your natural lashes with the false eyelashes and also remove the bright eyeshadows that may have gotten onto your lashes.
Pink and Purple Shimmery Smokey Eyes Tutorial
Step 10
Pop on your falsies! I'm using the Jade style lashes(my new lash obsession) from hudabeauty. And you're done my loves!!
eyeshadow tutorial with no liner
hudabeauty eyelashes in Jade
Pink and Purple Shimmery Smokey Eyes Tutorial(beginner friendly): The Veiled Artist
All the shimmery eyeshadows I used in this look were from the la colors haute palette and the matte pink was from the bh cosmetics second edition palette. I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial and I hope you try it out! You can check my last post here. It was a review of the new maybelline spider effect mascara. Check it out to see if it really gives all the volume maybelline claims it will give you. 
Have a great day and take care!

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