Ombre Sunset Matte Smokey Eyes Tutorial (beginner friendly)

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Hey my loves,
How have you guys beeen?  I have been sick for an entire week with a cold, cough, fever, the whole package! Which is why I have been M.I.A here. But I am FINALLY feeling better and I'm here today with a new look! Today's tutorial is going to be on this gorgeous matte sunset inspired ombre smokey eyes!

matte sunset inspired red, orange and yellow smokey eyes
All the steps in this look are super simple, but you need to go crazy with the blending. Since we're working with bright, all matte shadows, taking the time to blend is so important to make all these bright shadows look seamless and like they're melting into one another! So, let's get started!

What you'll need..
  • Matte red eyeshadow
  • Matte orange eyeshadow
  • Matte yellow eyeshadow
  • Matte taupe/deep brown eyeshadow
  • Creamy black pencil liner
  • Black liquid/gel liner
  • Falsies
  • Gold glitter(optional)
Step 1
After priming your eyelids, blend the matte orange eyeshadow into your crease and a little above it.
eyeshadow tutorial
Step 2

Blend the matte red eyeshadow directly into your crease and onto the outer half of your eyelids.
smokey eyes
Step 3
Apply and blend the same matte orange eyeshadow we applied into the crease, onto the inner half of your eyelids, blending it into the red we previously applied. 
smokey eyes tutorial
Step 4
Blend the deep taupe shade into the outer half of your lids.
bh cosmetics
Step 5
Pop that matte yellow eyeshadow into the inner corner of your eyes. I love how this adds life to the look! 
bh cosmetics second edition palette
Step 6
Messily apply the creamy black pencil on your lower lashline and then using the matte red eyeshadow, blend and blur this out.
How to blend lower lashline eyeshadow
Step 7

Apply your winged liner and then give those lashes a curl and coating of mascara. You can stop here, but I really love adding lashes to bright looks because I feel like they add a great finishing touch!
ombre sunset smokey eyes
Step 8
So finally, pop on a pair of falsies and you're DONE!!
huda beauty lashes
Step 9(optional)
After creating the full look I was messing around and decided to add some glitter to my lids and I loved how it looked!
Warm red and yellow sunset smokey eyes tutorial
Scroll down for the pictorial and list of products I've used!
Matte Sunset Ombre Smokey Eyes Tutorial/pictorial (beginner friendly): The Veiled Artist
Products I used for this look:
I really hope you enjoyed this look and try to recreate it guys! I would love to see your work, if you post them, tag me @theveiledartist! You can check my last tutorial on some fun shimmery pink and purple smokey eyes here
Have a great day and take care guys!

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