Nyx Wonder Pencil in Medium : Review and Swatches

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Hey my lovelies!
Haha how creepy am I with the 'lovelies'? Anyways, how has your week been guys? I have been loving interacting with all of you on instagram over my last tutorial! Thank you for all the love! Today, I decided to review the popular Nyx Wonder Pencil in Medium because I have been loving it so much!

Nyx Wonder Pencil in Medium : Review and Swatches
What NYX claims..
Wonder Pencil…the essential pencil that fulfills all of your beauty desires. Conquer 3 critical make-up tasks with one product: CONCEAL flaws and blemishes with creamy precision; LINE your lips against lipstick bleeding and fading; and BRIGHTEN your eyes along the water line. Will wonders never cease? Not with the Wonder Pencil in your bag!

Price, Packaging and Quantity..
I purchased this pencil for $4.50 and you get 1g of product. While that sounds like it's way too little product, it actually goes a long way since the product is quite pigmented. I've been using it on and off for about two months now and I have only had to sharpen it twice. 
concealer pencil
Speaking of sharpening, this is a pencil that needs to be sharpened and does not twist up and it also comes with a black lid that fits securely which makes this a great product to travel with.
nyx wonder pencil in medium
My thoughts..
I purchased the shade 'Medium' because I wanted to use it to line my waterline to help brighten them eyes up on tired days and can I just say, I absolutely love this pencil you guys! It is super long lasting which is important for any product you use on the waterline. 

Nyx Wonder Pencil in Medium Swatches
You can either line it and leave it or you can blend it out with your finger or a small pencil brush for a more subtle brightening effect. I also love using it to highlight the inner corners of my eyes when I'm going for a no makeup look and this is perfect for that since it does not have any shimmers in it.
Nyx Wonder Pencil in Medium Swatches
I have tried using it on my face to cover up blemishes and while I love the formula, the shade medium is way too light to be used as concealer on my skin tone. But it has a great formula that is not too dry or too creamy. I also love that it comes in three shades light, medium and dark so you might just be able to find a shade that works for you, even if you just want to use this like i do, in the waterline. 
Best eyeliner pencil for waterline
I have not tried it around my lips because as I mentioned previously the shade is too light for my face but I can see how this formula would be great to correct any mistakes around the lips.

  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • 3 shades available 
  • Did not irritate my eyes when worn with contacts
  • Smaller shade range if you want to use this as concealer
best drugstore eye brightener
Would I recommend this?
I would a 100%! If you have been thinking about trying it out, you should go for it! Even if you do not like it as concealer, you will love it to line your waterline with.
Thank you so much for reading my loves and I hope you found this review helpful! You can check out my last post here. It was a super dramatic smokey eye with arabic makeup inspired liner and glitter! 
Have a great day and take care!
Perfect Spring makeup look, click image to get to the tutorial!

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