All Matte Pink Ombre Eyeshadow Tutorial

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Hey my loves!
How has your day been? I've been wanting to create an all matte look for all the matte shadow lovers out there and that's exactly what I did today! Today's tutorial is going to be on this pretty, pink, ombre eyeshadow look. So let's get started!

All Matte Pink Ombre Eyeshadow Tutorial
Here's what you'll need:
  1. Pink eyeshadow
  2. Light pink eyeshadow
  3. Burgundy eyeshadow
  4. Warm brown eyeshadow 
  5. White eyeshadow
  6. White pencil liner
  7. Eyeliner(liquid/gel)
  8. Mascara
  9. Falsies
*all shadows are matte

Step 1
After priming your eyelids, blend the warm brown eyeshadow into your crease and a little above it.
morphe eyeshadow
Step 2
Next, blend the burgundy shadow over the brown we just used but keep this burgundy strictly in your crease and only blur the top edges out.
easy eyeshadow tutorial
Step 3
Pat and apply the pink eyeshadow onto the center of your mobile eyelids.
gradient eyeshadow
Step 4
Now pat and apply the light pink eyeshadow into the inner 1/3rd of your mobile eyelids and blend it into the deeper pink we previously applied.
ombre eyeshadow look
Step 5
Blend the burgundy eyeshadow into the outer 1/3rds of your eyelids in a smokey C shape and also into the pink in the center of the eyelids. Next, pick some of this same burgundy eyeshadow and blend it into your crease. This will help blend out the edges of all the pink shadows we've been applying.
pink smokey eyes tutorial
Step 6
Tap a pencil brush or any small precise brush into the burgundy eyeshadow and then into the first pink eyeshadow we used and blend this all along your lower lashline connecting it on the outer edge with the shadows on the eyelids.
beginner friendly makeup tutorial
Step 7
Apply some white eyeshadow into the inner corners of your eyes and blend it into the shadows on your eyelids and lower lashline. Next, apply a white pencil liner all along your lower waterline, connecting it with this white eyeshadow in the inner corners.
step by step eyeshadow tutorial
Step 8
Do your winged liner and apply mascara. You can absolutely end this look here as it looks stunning already. But if you follow my page, you know I love my false lashes! 
ombre eyeshadow tutorial
Step 9
Apply your falsies! And you're done loves! Scroll down to see the full pictorial and products used list.
pink eyeshadow tutorial for brown eyes
All Matte Pink Ombre Eyeshadow Pictorial: The Veiled Artist
Products used:
Thank you so much for reading my loves! I really hope you enjoyed today's look! Comment below what you think about it or if you have any tutorial suggestions! You can check my last post here. It was a review of the all organic Skin and Tonic London Rose lip balm and my last tutorial here! It was on a stunning, Cool Toned Glitter Cut Crease look.
Have a great day and take care!
The Veiled Artist

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  1. it looks amazing <3 :)

  2. Lovely! Those shades blend perfectly! Had to share!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me that sweet comment! I hope you have a great day!<3