My thoughts on Valentine’s Day and How I Spent Mine!

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Hey guys,
Today I have a different kind of post.. and it's non-beauty related. I had a great valentine's day! But not in the way you think I did.

In case you don't know how Valentine's Day became 'a thing' you can read about it here.
Even though Valentine's Day was originally celebrated by lovers, it has now become a day for anyone to express some love towards someone they care about! I think love is much needed in this day and age we live in.. and you already know that if you own a television, mobile phone or even take an occasional peak at the newspaper. You know how much hate and war there is in the world.
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I was scrolling through my instagram feed yesterday and while I saw a lot of loved up Valentine’s Day posts and couples, whom I was very happy for, I also saw a lot of people complaining and being upset about not having a valentine. I don’t understand this. And I’ve never understood why being single in general is considered a bad thing. 

Finding someone you love or finding a partner isn’t the sole purpose of our lives. We don't have control over who enters and leaves our lives. Life has its own way of bringing things, situations and people together so there is no point being stressed out about it. I just wish more people would use this time alone to grow as a person. Find new hobbies, find who they are. Try focusing all their energy on a passion and turn it into something great! Whether that passion for you is art, blogging or writing. Everyone has that one thing they do by themselves that makes them feel like a kid again. And feel alive. Find yours.
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And on a day like Valentine’s day, spend time with people who have been with you from the start. Your family or your friends. And if you live away from them, spend time with yourself! Because any time spent with yourself, is never a waste. Whether that’s reading a book or putting on a face mask and cozying up in front of the tv. Besides, I believe if you are in a relationship, everyday should feel special and not just Valentine’s Day.

How I Spent Valentine's Day
I spent the day with a very very dear friend of mine! She's someone I have known for almost 10 years. We ordered brownies and truffles, took crazy pictures and talked about our lives now and old school memories. We even found time to play with makeup!!
But when we actually tried all of the brownies, we couldn’t get past one bite of each flavor because it was too sweet. Haha and then we ended up ordering pizza, which saved our lives! It was such a valuable chilled out day with a very special person. I hope you guys had a great Valentine’s Day too! And comment below if something crazy happened!!

My actual Valentine haha
Love you,
Thank you so much for reading
Take care

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