THE BODY SHOP Strawberry Body Yogurt Full Honest Review

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How has your week been? I am back today with a new skincare product review!! I have been trying out the strawberry body yogurt from The Body Shop over the past few months and finally feel like I have all my thoughts sorted out! So let's get started! Keep reading to learn everything you will need to know about this Body Shop Body Yogurt and if you need it in your life or if you should SAVE THAT COIN!

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Yogurt Review
What Body Shop Claims.. 
The new, lightweight formula absorbs instantly and provides up to 48 hours of moisture. Apply to damp skin straight after showering for skin that feels smoother and never sticky, with the scent of sweet, juicy strawberries. The gel-cream is 100% vegan, enriched with strawberry juice and Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain.

Price, Packaging and Quantity..
The Body Shop body yogurts come in a simple plastic tub with a lid that secures tightly making it great for travel and you get a good 198g of product for $16/2600/-LKR. The container however, is quite bulky but then again, all body yogurts and body butters come in larger pots and similar containers. 
The Body shop body yogurt review
My thoughts..
You guys! I have this on right now and I wish, I WISH you could smell it through this blog post. It has the most relaxing, fruity but non overpowering scent! The scent does however wear off in about an hour and after that, it leaves behind a very faint scent that lasts until you wash it off. 
strawberry body yogurt from the body shop
I just HAD to start off this review talking about the scent of this product because honestly, I would love to have a body spray with a similar scent and even a room spray. It's beautiful! If you are someone who is sensitive to fragrance in skincare products, I would suggest you take a quick sniff in the store before you make your purchase! 
best body yogurt
But speaking of the formula and the product itself, it has a very light, airy texture. I think calling this product a body yogurt is very appropriate haha because that's literally what it feels like. Also, I must include, make sure you store this away from sunlight or high heat areas as it WILL melt!
best body moisturizer
If you have normal or slightly dry skin, this is a GREAT body moisturizer. However, if you have extremely dry flaky skin or if you live in colder weather OR if you're looking for a moisturizer to use after shaving etc., I would suggest you get something thicker like a body butter or a heavier cream as this product is not going to provide that intense hydration you are after. The Body Shop does claim that this product is going to provide you with 48H moisture and personally, I feel like that might be a bit of a stretch 'cuz it's a very light formula and your skin will drink this up quickly. 
quick absorbing body moisturizer
But since the weather in Sri Lanka is almost always humid and warm, I find this to be the perfect moisturizer for my normal skin. It absorbs like a dream within just a few minutes and does not leave behind a greasy residue which are two things I always look for in similar products. I hate the feeling of putting on moisturizer after a shower and then throwing my clothes on, only to feel sticky because my moisturizer needs a whole lifetime to sink in. 


  • Does what it claims by being moisturizing yet non greasy
  • Vegan
  • Smells great
  • Affordable since a little goes a long way


  • People who are sensitive to fragrance in products may not love it

Would I recommend this?
I most definitely would guys! If you're looking for a lightweight body moisturizer for everyday use, you're going to love this! Oh and did I mention that it's vegan!?
the body shop srilanka
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