The Secret's out : Business Reveal!

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Hey my loves!
Oh God.. I've never been this anxious about a blog post IN MY LIFE. But.. here we go. SO! I told you guys a few posts ago that I've been really busy setting up my business and I also told you that I will tell you all about it as soon as I'm all set. So today's post is ALLL about that!

Paintings Srilanka
YES! I PAINT! As cheesy as it sounds, I paint the way people meditate. I do it for my soul. Painting has never failed to pull me out of a bad place in my mind or just a bad phase in life, which we all go through from time to time unfortunately. So I decided that I'm gonna turn this passion of mine into my business!
Paintings Srilanka
I don't know if this is going to work out or if anything is going to come out of it.. basically, I don't know anything at all! But I don't think anyone knows what they're doing or getting themselves into, when starting something great. I just know that it has always been so important to me to try anything once. I would prefer to try and fail rather than to not try at all and spend my whole life wondering 'what if?' 
The Veiled Artist : Paintings Srilanka
So, I've been incredibly busy the past few months, not only because I have been making the paintings themselves but also because I've been setting up all of the necessary social media accounts I need, to display and sell these said art pieces on.

The Name?!
I called it PAINTINGS SRI LANKA. Basic. To the point and hopefully, easy to remember! 
All of the paintings are fully framed and the wooden frames have been chemically treated as well to protect them from termites etc. They are ready to be hung on your walls and displayed as soon as you purchase them! 
Paintings Srilanka
Where can you find the paintings?
Paintings Srilanka Facebook Page
Paintings Srilanka Instagram Page

How to purchase?
You just need to message me on either one of the social media mentioned above to make your orders!

What can you expect?
Right now, I have a collection of completed paintings for sale. All of which I have included in this post! But I am also considering making customized paintings! So if any of you have a certain colour theme you want the painting to fit(for example: if you have a pink bedroom or a white living room and need a painting that fits the furniture or vibe of the room) or even if you have specific size requirements, we can totally discuss that and I would love to create a custom piece for you!
Right now, the paintings go all the way from 18"x18" to 24"x30". You can also message me on instagram or facebook regarding further inquiries such as pricing etc!
Paintings Srilanka
So you guys! The secret's out! Please share and tell all your friends about this! It would mean the absolute world to me! Once again, its "paintingssrilanka" on both platforms and you can find it here and here. Don't forget to follow both accounts to stay up to date with what's in store!
Thank you so much for reading my loves and take care!

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