Shimmery Turquoise Smokey Eyes with Dramatic Liner Tutorial

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Heyy my beauties!
How has your week been so far? My week has been quite hectic because I tried to create more tutorials for you guys so I mayy or may not have two more already in store and coming up! ;) That being said, I hope you enjoy today's shimmery, turquoise look paired with some bold liner and bold lashes! It's a lot easier than it looks so let's get started!

Shimmery Turquoise Smokey Eyes Tutorial
Here's what you'll need:
  • Matte bright pink shadow
  • Matte purple eyeshadow
  • Matte black or deep taupe shadow(if you have very light skin) 
  • Matte green/teal shadow
  • Shimmery turquoise eyeshadow
  • Shimmery white eyeshadow or shimmery champagne shadow(if you have very deep skin)
  • Liquid or gel liner
  • Mascara
  • Falsies
Step 1
After priming your eyelids with eyeshadow primer or foundation, blend the matte pink shadow into your crease and a little above it. 
eyeshadow tutorial
Step 2

Next, blend the matte purple shadow directly into your crease and keep the shadow only in your crease.
makeup tips
Step 3
Pat and apply the matte green/teal shadow onto your mobile eyelids and slightly blend the edges out into the purple we previously applied.
pink eyeshadow
Step 4
Pat the shimmery turquoise eyeshadow directly above all the green shadow we just applied.
makeup tutorial
Step 5
Apply the matte black eyeshadow into the outer 1/3rd of your eyelids and blend it into the turquoise we previously applied. You can use a matte deep taupe shadow for this step if you have very light skin as black can look a little too stark.
easy eyeshadow tutorial
Step 6
To further blend this and make the transition from the turquoise shadow to the black look more seamless, pick a very small amount of the matte green shadow, tapping off the excess, pat it and blend it right where the turquoise and black shadow meet.
beginner friendly eyeshadow tutorial
Step 7 
Tap your brush into the pink shadow we first applied and then ever so slightly into the matte black eyeshadow and blend this onto your lower lashline.
blue smokey eyes tutorial
Step 8
Apply the shimmery white shadow on your inner corners and pat and blend it slightly into the shadows on your lower lashline and eyelids. You can use a champagne or more gold shimmery shade if you have a deeper skintone as white can look a little too stark.
shimmery smokey eyes
Step 9
Using your foundation, clean any eyeshadow fallout and also apply your foundation following your lower lashline towards the tail of your brows as shown below. This will give your eyes a more lifted look and also make your eyes stand out more! It slipped my mind as I was creating this tutorial to get a picture of this step before I blended the foundation out, so here's a shot from another tutorial of mine to show you what I mean.
purple eyeshadow tutorial

Step 10
Apply your liner, I decided to do a dramatic inner corner wing as well!
turquoise makeup tutorial
Step 11
Curl your lashes and apply mascara and if you're not planning on using falsies, you're done with the look!! I decided to add the house of lashes lash in the style knockout! Scroll down for the pictorial.
Turquoise Smokey Eyes for brown eyes
Shimmery Turquoise Smokey Eyes with Dramatic Liner Tutorial
Shimmery Turquoise Smokey Eyes with Dramatic Liner Pictorial : The Veiled Artist
I really hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed creating it! If you feel like the liner or lashes are too dramatic for you, you can totally just use mascara and do some regular winged liner. Also you can check out my last tutorial on the super popular and trending burgundy smokey eyes here.
Have a great day and take care my loves!

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