Vanessa Hudgens Oscar 2017 Party Makeup Look Tutorial (beginner friendly)

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Hey everyone!
I hope you've had a wonderful day so far. I was going through all of the makeup and outfit looks from the Oscars yesterday and my favourite was the look the gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens wore to Elton John's party! It was such a simple easy to create look but still impactful.

Vanessa Hudgens Oscar 2017 Party Makeup
This look was created by the amazing Celebrity Makeup Artist Patrick Ta and you can find the product list on his post here.
The eyes were the main emphasis of this look with the extremely bold, thick almost graphic winged liner, brows were filled in and brushed up and on the lips she wore a gorgeous peachy nude shade. The skin was fresh and glowy. I also love how the dark liner stood out against her white dress.
Vanessa Hudgens Oscar 2017 Party Makeup Look Tutorial (beginner friendly)
So let's get started with the tutorial guys!
Step 1
Prime your eyelids. For a look like this priming the eyelids is essential because we don't want the eyeliner creasing or fading. I have used the la girl pro eyeshadow primer in black here but you can use any primer that usually works for you.
Step 2
Start shaping the wings. And make the wing on your entire mobile eyelid. Then curl your lashes and apply mascara. In all the pictures I've seen, it looked like Vanessa was wearing a pair of falsies as well. You can see here how I use tape to create perfect even wings.
Also, if you have a light lash line, you might want to line the upper inner rims of your eyes with a black pencil liner. This step prevents all the gaps between the liner and the skin between your lashes from showing. So you can have a nice opaque black lashline. And you're done! I lined my lower waterline with a white eyeliner pencil as well, to make my eyes appear more open.
The Veiled Artist: Vanessa Hudgens Oscar 2017 Party makeup
Vanessa Hudgens Oscar 2017 Party Makeup Look Tutorial (beginner friendly)
Here's the list of products I used for this look!
  • La Girl pro eyeshadow primer in Black
  • Essence liquid ink waterproof liner
  • LA Girl Glide gel liner in very black
  • LA Girl eyeliner pencil in white
  • Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!!
Take care

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