L’oreal Paris Studio Line Hot and Big Heat Protect Spray Review

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Hey guys,
Today I have a quick review of a heat protectant I have been loving for more than a year now. It's the Studio Line Hot and Big Heat Protect Spray by L’oreal Paris.

L’oreal Paris Studio Line Hot and Big Heat Protect Spray Review: The Veiled Artist
What L’oreal claims.. 
A volumizing spray specifically designed to be used with a blow dryer to deliver glamorous blown out volume that lasts up to 3 days. Anti-frizz, anti-flyaways, leaves a shiny satin touch. 

Price, Quantity and Packaging..
The spray comes in a bright pink plastic bottle with a spray nozzle. It isn't a very fine mist but that doesn't really matter because you will be brushing your hair after spraying it anyways. It costs £5 for 200mls of product, but I paid 1550LKR for this here in Sri Lanka. It also has a locking and unlocking option at the nozzle which makes it very travel friendly.
L’oreal Paris Heat Protectant Review
My thoughts..
Prior to using this spray, I was using the balm version of this spray and while that was great, it took a long time to dry and be absorbed by my hair and when I tried to rush it and straighten anyways I could feel my hair burning haha.

I know this spray is for blow drying hair but I love using it for straightening my naturally curly hair because it claims to protect hair from temperatures upto 230C. And since I don't style my hair too often(few times a month) this lasts me for about 4-5 months. So.. this is my third bottle of this stuff haha. Aaand it's empty and I have to repurchase it as soon as possible.
L’oreal Paris Studio Line Hot and Big Heat Protect Spray Review
And it keeps my hair super soft, shiny and smelling fresh for almost 3-4 days! The formula is very lightweight and does not weigh hair down. I am yet to try this with a blow dryer to see if it gives me some crazy volume but if you have curly hair, you know that blow drying your hair isn't the best option unless you plan on running a straightener through it afterwards. Or your hair looks like a lion's mane haha.

  • Easily available in beauty stores in Sri Lanka
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Affordable
  • Does not weigh hair down
  • Does what it claims
  • Does not leave any white residue
  • Travel friendly due to the ability to lock the nozzle

Would I recommend this?
I definitely recommend this. It's a great quality product at an affordable price. Also, if you live in UK the packaging looks different there. Click here to check it out.

Take care everyone!

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