PÜR Cosmetics Revolution Mini Eyeshadow Palette with Fully Charged Mascara Review

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Hey guys,

       First of all, welcome to my blog! For my first blog post and I've decided to review a palette I've been personally loving for everyday use. It's the PÜR Cosmetics Revolution Mini Eyeshadow Palette. Don't be fooled by how the palette in the pictures below looks. It looks untouched cuz it IS!! The company I ordered it from didn't send me the mascara, by mistake. So I contacted them and they sent me a new one. Mascara included. The first palette is absolutely beat up! Anyways! Let's get on with this review!

What PÜR claims..
Shake up your makeup collection with Revolution, PÜR’s mini-eye shadow collection that is sure to inspire great new eye shadow looks. Fully Charged Mascara is included to amp up your lashes.
• 5 full-size eye shadows
• Fully Charged Mascara  

Costs $15.


The palette is made of hardened cardboard, like most palettes seen these days, so its lightweight and sleek and the nice sized mirror inside makes it a great travel palette. I do notice that the black packaging makes the palette very hard to keep looking clean. But isn't that a sign of a much loved product? *eyeshadow finger prints everywhere*
Well as for the packaging of the cute mini macara, its a basic black mascara tube with a wonderful brush! 

My thoughts..
Lemme start with the mascara! The formula is very back which is always a good thing! And I'm in love with the mascara wand. The brush grabs onto the lashes really well and coats them beautifully! It also helps hold a curl well. The formula isn't waterproof though.. so that's a bit of a bummer. And when I forgot I was wearing mascara and rubbed my eyes, it did smudge quite a bit:/ So.. I don't love the macara as much as my Maybelline Colossal volume Mascara.

The palette though.. I'm obsessed with! But it's not perfect. Read on to know why..

The shades in the palette are absolutely stunning! and can be worn day or night! There are 5 shades.
Flux - pale pink
Superior - satin burgundy/dark purple-y
Uproar - gunmetal
Formation - satin deep brown
About Face - mauvy pink 

The shadows are so smooth, pigmented and blendable. But do tend to fade, this is the imperfection I was talking about previously. Shadows tend to last on me for a very long time but sadly these ones started to fade after about 3-4 hours. So i tried using them with some primer n Voila! Problem solved! I used the LA girl pro primer eyeshadow stick in Nude and there was no fading whatsoever! These shadows I'd say only fit fair to medium dark skintones sadly, the darker shades don't show up on darker chocolate-y skintones.The shade About Face is so gorgeous in the crease and all over the lid.

  • PÜR is cruelty-free
  • Beautiful shade selection
  • Shadows are smooth and pigmented
  • Sleek packaging
  • Mascara included
  • Mascara wand is great
  • Perfect for Travel

  • Eyeshadows fade and a primer is needed 
  • Mascara smudges
  • Doesn't fit a wide range of skintones.

Would I recommend this?
Well.. if you're willing to purchase a primer, then I think it's a great palette for $15 you get 5 eyeshadows AND a mascara. The mascara however I wouldn't recommend because it did smudge a lot. I'm considering cleaning the wand up and trying it with my other mascaras though.

Thank you so much for reading.
- Zaha

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  1. Your PÜR mini eye-shadow is really awesome. Thanks to share this beautiful eye-shadow. I believe Makeup is an important part of women's life. I love to use PÜR mini eye-shadow foe my eye and my favorite Liquid Matte Lipsticks for my lip & I can't imagine a single day without my makeups.