Eco Tools Brush Set Review

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Hey guys,

Hope you’re having a good day/night so far. Everything has been preventing me from writing this review today but I shall write it nevertheless! We had two random power cuts, I ran out of data and I also almost thought I lost my product pictures. Ahh! But anyways, by God, I’m here! And today I will be reviewing some of my most used brushes. It’s a set of five brushes from the brand eco tools. I tried to add a link to the eco tools website where you can find these brushes but it’s not there anymore! And that’s because I got these brushes for around two years ago.

Eco Tools five piece bamboo brush set
Cost and Packaging..
I purchased them on Ebay for $14 but I also found them on ulta while I was looking for them.
I’ve washed them a countless number of times and they still look EXACTLY the same! Zero shedding and you should know.. I am quite lazy with the drying process. I know you’re supposed to keep them upside down so the water doesn’t mess up the glue that’s holding the bristles and loosen them, but ain't nobody got time for that! I just lay them flat on a clean dry towel after washing them and let them air dry over night. 

A bonus fact is that they’re cruelty free! They’ve got bamboo handles and the bristles are synthetic!
They came in a nice beige brush roll which I’ve obviously lost because it’s been so long haha!

Let’s take a look at how each brush performed!!
  • The powder brush is pretty big, extremely soft and is perfect for applying your powder face products. Be it bronzer, blush or powder foundation.
Eco tools powder brush
Eco tools
  • The angled liner brush I use to get that perfect angle when I do winged eyeliner and it’s also amazing to fill in eyebrows! Because it’s a thin brush.
Eco Tools angled liner brush
Angled liner brush
  •  This is your basic eyebrow and eyelash comb/brush.
Eco tools eyelash/eyebrow brush

  • This is my least used brush in this set but it can be used for concealer or eyeshadow.

  • Concealer brush: Oh. My. God you guys.. This brush, I’ve used to death!! I use it for concealer under my eyes or spot correction and I love it. Spreads product so well, whether it’s liquid or cream products. I usually like to distribute the product evenly with this brush and blend it out with a damp beauty sponge and everything looks flawless!
Eco tools foundation brush
Eco tools concealer brush
 More Pictures..

Eco Tools Bamboo five piece brush set
Eco tools brush set
Would I recommend these?
Definitely! They're so perfect for travel! All this kit is missing is a blending brush and a kabuki brush or makeup sponge to blend out your foundation. 

Thank you so much for Reading!

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